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Monday 22 September 2014
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12/11/2013 3:15:00 μμ
"Our greatest Dream in our own hands"

 AEK's family saw with emotion and pride the bright future to unfold before her. At a prestigious ceremony at the Onassis Cultural Center, Dimitris Melissanidis and colleagues presented the construction plan of “Hagia Sophia",  a unique football stadium based in the historical neighbourhood of Nea Philadelpheia – AEK FC home-, that will be the Centre of Sports and Culture in Greece, with a memorable honour to the Greek refugees from Asia Minor. 


They were all there. About a thousand people associated with one or the other way with AEK ‘saw’ a big vision, a masterpiece that when it will be accomplished will be incomparable to any other existing in Greece and throughout the world. A project that will give back life to the dreams of AEK friends and will revive an entire region.


The head of administration of AEK Dimitris Melissanidis, the project manager Dimitris Andriopoulos on behalf of Dimand company and the architect of the stadium Thanassis Kyratsous , were those who analysed in detail the major projects of AEK . The event, which was presented by the famous journalist, TV presenter and big AEK fan Nikos Evaggelatos, had also two other speakers : the president of the Amateur AEK Constantinos Kotsatos and the Bishop of Drama Paul, who read a message from Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeos.The Patriarchate will also contribute financially to the project with 50,000 euros.


"Many from the few, few from the many" was Dimitris Melissanidis’ slogan, who emphasized the fact that ‘we’re going to build the stadium which will belong to AEK and nobody else’, while addressing to all the people who support the club to help financially. He also revealed that each gate will have the name of one of the historic cities of Asia Minor (except gate 21) and thanked the Onassis Foundation for its cooperation, but also for the financial support of the project. He ended his speech by recalling that "we are coming" but "in a completely different football society status".


Highlight of the event was the 20 minutes video-presentation, with emotional references to the history of the old stadium and impressive details of the new one.


The event concluded with AEK’s friends to sing spontaneously the team’s anthem causing emotional waves to all the attendants of the presentation, while the model of the new stadium was waiting all the guests at the foyer. The pictures and video below can show the feeling of the unforgettable afternoon.



click here for photos

click here for video

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