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Saturday 20 September 2014
AEK F.C. Official Web Site, Home Page

Born through the ashes

AEK was established in 1924 by refugees from Constantinople, Smyrna and other places of Asia Minor who came to Greece after their persecution from the West coast of Turkey in 1922. This coast had been dominated by the Greek element for thousands of years. The Greeks of Constantinople, Smyrna and every other spot of the coast, who had achieved great things for centuries, were forced to move towards ‘mother land’, Greece. The Greek refugees settled in the country and helped with its development in every sector. Amongst them were the people who envisaged a club that would represent the values of the refugees from Constantinople and honour their culture and art.

Costas Spanoudis, reporter and minister (at a later point) in Venizelos’ government, was the first president of AEK FC, professor Nikos Eleopoulos, was the Vice-President, while Timoleon Tagaris, Menelaos Karotsieris, Miltos Jeremiadis, Ionas (who became president at a later point) and Dimopoulos were the first members of the board of directors.

The first achievements

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