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Monday 22 September 2014
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Game Info
Hajduk Split
Group Stage - 1st Match 

Date: 16/9/2010
Time: 22:05
Stadium: OAKA

Photo: ΙΝΤΙΜΕ sports

Ideal start was the premiere of the Europa League Group Stage for AEK, winning Hajduk Split 3-1 at the OACA stadium. The AEK players had some amazing moments on the field and started scoring on the 12’ minute (Djebbour). Ibricic scored for Hajduk on the 29’ minute and then Lymberopoulos (65’) and Scocco (89’) gave AEK the win. Djebbour also missed a penalty for AEK on the 46’ minute.
Rafic Djebbour was voted the MVP of the match.

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