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Η GODDCOFFEE έλαβε 5 βραβεία στα Coffee Business Awards 2019: Gold Top Innovative Coffee Importer, Gold Top Coffee Importer in After Sales, Silver Top Coffee Importer Brand, Silver Top Coffee Importer, Silver Top Athens Coffee Importer.

CAFFÈ L’ANTICO Caffè L'Antico is one of the oldest Italian family-run coffee company celebrating now 110 years of experience, since 1909. Our company is well known both in Italy and abroad for the premium quality of its coffee products, directly selected and imported from the country of origin and roasted in a traditional slow way as in the past. Nowadays, Caffè L'Antico is exporting to 45 countries in the world.

2015 a second branch, the Indian Seven Beans coffee company, in partnership with Shetty family, owners of endless coffee estate, was opened, to bring the Italian Espresso culture in India as well.