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INTER – AEK in Ancona \\

ANNOUNCEMENTS \\  10/7/2015
Ιtalian Inter will play with AEK Athens for an international preseason match to be held on August 16 at the Stadio del Conero in Ancona. The  kick-off time will be decided by both teams until August 10.

This is the third friendly match in the history of the two teams, who will meet for the first time after eleven years and two days after the friendly in Pisa, Italy, on August 14, 2004, when the 'Nerazzurri' won 5-1 during the Sky Trophy tournament.

AEK and Inter met for the first time in their history in a friendly match on November 3, 1965 ,a festive friendly in at the stadium of Nea Philadelphia in front of 20,000 fans when AEK Athens with Trifona Zaneti at the bench had won 2-1 the Inter of Herrera Xelenio with Andreas Stamatiadis and Costas Nicolaides goals.

AEK and Inter have played six times in the past (1971, 1986, 2002) as part of the UEFA club competitions.