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  • NEWS \\ 4/12/2014

    AEK sent sports material to Burundi

    Few months ago, AEK sent sports material in refugee villages in Burundi in Africa upon the request of "ΣΥΜΒΟΛΗ" : a group of people who are trying to contribute to the education of the children of the African continent.

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  • ANNOUNCEMENTS \\ 24/11/2014

    New e-ticket

    AEK FC administration is pleased to inform the fans of the team that the implementation of the new eticket through will start by the next home match.

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  • NEWS \\ 24/10/2014

    Chania - AEK 0-2

    AEK won 2-0 at the AO Chania in the stadium of Perivolia, at the opening day of the 3rd fixture of the 1st group of Football League 2014-15, and lead the group with 9 points.  AEK scored at 755th minute thanks to an amazing shot to the top corner by Mantalos , while he also ‘created’ the 0...

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