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ALEXIS ALEXIOU \\ Vice President B




Alexis Alexiou was born to a family of five, in Athens and raised in Piraeus, whereas he originated from Kaisaria in Minor Asia. He is married and father of one. He graduated from Zanneio Model Experimental Lyceum in Piraeus and went on to study Law at Democritus University of Thrace.

A member of the Athens Bar Association since 1990, he specialises in commercial law, mass media law and maritime law, while over the last eight years he has been particularly engaged in sports law. He is a member of several scientific and cultural clubs, he has taught commercial law in private schools and vocational training centres and speaks six foreign languages.

He has been involved with AEK over the last seven years, offering legal services pro bono and, in recent years, he has contributed in several ways, both as a legal advisor and as a stakeholder. He contributed to the liquidation of the previous FC and BC and the establishment of the new bodies; since late May 2014 he has been the president of the Sports Club and since August 2014, he has been the head of the management team of AEK Basketball Club.