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A scientist with vast professional and also social activity who has been close to AEK for decades in different titles. He was born in 1951 and graduated from the Milan University in 1980. A member of the Hellenic Cardiological Society since 1989, he specialises in Intensive Care.
As of 1983, he is a member of the professional medical team at the Voula General Hospital "Asklipieio", whereas his career peaked when he was appointed Head of the Cardiological Clinic there.
His relationship with AEK begun in his childhood, but he has taken up a particularly active role over the last twenty years: in his scientific capacity (as a doctor of AEK's youth ranks between 1994 and 2003), as the FC's 3rd Vice-president in 2004, as a member of the Amateur Football Team in 2005 and its Vice-president in 2006.  Since 2013 (having already the experience of football management in Glyfada), he has returned to AEK, first as a Football Registrar (and at the same time a member of the Amateur Team) and later on as the President of AEK FC.