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AEK family is getting bigger!
Welcome to AEK KIDS CLUB 
AEK FC stands by the side of our children, club's greatest power and its future. The first Greek team which created an organized Club exclusively for kids!

Our little friends - members of AEK Kids Club, anywhere they live and act, will enjoy from now on special privilleges and beautiful presents from their beloved team!
What is

AEK KIDS CLUB was established for the little fans of our team. It is a pioneer project, organized by the standards of important European clubs.
After the success of AEK Students Stand, from which the little fans of the team are watching the home matches at OACA Stadium for free, sending their own social messages, AEK FC decided to move forward with AEK KIDS CLUB, the purpose of which is to unite, in official level, all the children under the flag of AEK and bring them closer to it on daily basis.
The youngsters will be taught the glorious history of our club with special way and be educated, since AEK FC is managing many events, interesting for them and their parents. At the same time, they will take place at contests, winning unique presents, and participate at events and actions of our team next to their beloved footballers.
All the children who live in Greece or abroad can be members of AEK KIDS CLUB.
Age categories:
  • AEK Baby Club For children until the age of 3
  • AEK Mini Club For children between 3 and 6
  • AEK Junior Club For children between 5 and 10
  • AEK Youth Club For children between 10 and 14
  • AEK Kids Away Away Without age restrictions in and out of Athens
After the sign up, every kid will receive a box of AEK presents via mail!*

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