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HEDNO was established in 2012 after the spin-off of the Distribution Segment of PPC S.A. Through the Medium and Low Voltage networks, HEDNO delivers electricity to 7.6 million customers, while the Company manages the High Voltage networks in Attica and the Non-Interconnected islands. Considering the number of customers served and the total length of its network lines, 242,526 km-nearly six times the earth’s perimeter- HEDNO is one of the largest Distribution Companies in the EU.

HEDNO employs about 5,820 peοple directly and another 5,000 indirectly. The fundamental mission of HEDNO is to ensure the efficient operation, maintenance and development of the country’s distribution network and the management of the Non-Interconnected islands electricity systems and to provide non-discriminatory access to the Network, for all energy consumers, dispersed generators and electricity suppliers.

The Company’s main services include: network development, network maintenance and operation, consumption metering, fault restoration, connection of all network users, including consumers and distributed RES (Renewable Energy Sources) and CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and the implementation of all necessary measures for mitigating environmental impacts.