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L’artigiano  \\

l’artigiano is the pizza delivery brand that has taken the world by storm as a genuine pizza expert. From 1993 till now, l’artigiano continues to seamlessly combine the art of real pizza with delicious taste & high quality and safety standards, while keeping prices at an affordable level. At l'artigiano, every meal is prepared at the moment of the order, using selected high-quality raw materials. Meanwhile, new, special products and unique dishes from pizza, pasta, burgers, and salads to vegan and vegetarian choices are constantly added to the menu covering any taste. Today, l'artigiano has a total of 23 stores and customers can always enjoy their favorite products by ordering online via and the official l'artigiano app.
At l’artigiano, every order counts, and therefore the l'artigiano bonus rewards program has landed to offer valuable pepperoni points with every order, that can be redeemed for discount coupons, contests, and gifts.