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Spanos SA is one of the oldest and largest car dealerships in Greece. Spanos SA commenced operations in Athens at the automotive sector, at the early ’70s by its founder, Mr. Dimitrios Spanos who was passionate for the BMW brand. Having studied mechanical engineering, he soon became the expert for improving the racing vehicles of that time. He had also taken part himself in Rallye Acropolis with BMW several times. Through the years the company became synonymous to high quality of services for car owners especially for those seeking uniqueness.

The combination of expertise and ambition has always been the key driving force behind the company’s success. In 1983, the company created an ultra modern vertical integrated complex at 299 Syggrou Avenue, which was a model in terms of construction, style, architecture and functionality. The company’s vision is to provide its customers with the best possible services.

As part of the company's constant development, in 2009, the largest vertical BMW and MINI complex in Greece is created with model architectural conditions and the highest quality standards. At the said premises of 12,500 square meters, being privately owned, the company’s headquarters are housed together with an extended service department with electrical repair and fitting shops, a warehouse with original BMW – MINI parts and accessories operating in five levels as well as a body and paint shop with equipment of the highest technology. All spaces meet BMW's latest specifications.