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MILITOS PUBLICATIONS was founded in 1996. The presence of MILITOS in the Greek book market has been a sensation thanks to its collector’s editions such as Claudius Ptolemy's Geography, Homer's Iliad and other important works. MILITOS’ catalogue combines the art book with Greek and European culture.

During its two decades of life, MILITOS has created one of the richest publishing collections with themes related to Greece and its landscapes (HELLAS EX ALTIS series); a real "art exhibition" of both mainland and insular Greece in all its cultural expressions, such as archeology, history, architecture and tradition.

Our publishing interests are also focused on the cultural activities of our days, the development of our shipping, industry and sports with unique albums that fully satisfy even the most demanding reader. Our high aesthetics, our know-how and our collaboration with specialist writers-scientists and artist-photographers have made us pioneers in the market of photographic albums.