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Nova \\

Nova is a top provider of bundled home entertainment and communication services in Greece. Through the family of “Nova 3play” services, Nova introduced and established into the Greek market in 2013 fixed telephony, broadband internet and pay-TV bundled services, thereby creating one new intergrated experience for its subscribers. In the summer of 2018, Nova introduced “Nova Energy” services aiming also at the reliable coverage of the needs of the Greek household in the electric power sector. Today, Nova services are enjoyed by 950.000 subscribers while another 40.0000 professionals, enterprises and public bodies have access to Nova’s premium communication and pay-TV services. Synonymous to innovation, Nova constantly enriches its customers’ experience by adding new services, such as “Nova On Demand”, “Nova GO”, “Nova Multiview”, through which you “enjoy a better life” as stated in its promotional motto.

Nova services are provided by Forthnet S.A..