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With 120 years’ experience in the production of motorcycles and scooters, Peugeot Scooters is the oldest running manufacturer of 2-wheel vehicles in the world. Peugeot Scooters is constantly at the forefront of innovation, presenting new trailblazing technologies for the 2-wheel transportation. From the introduction of the first sport scooters and the first electric scooter to the use of ABS systems and supercharged engines on scooters, the 2-wheel world bears the indelible mark of the Peugeot Scooters expertise.
The combination of high production quality, high-class design, strong performance and high security standards of Peugeot Scooters offers a complete riding experience that responds to the needs of modern riders. Peugeot Scooters has a full range of models to suit every taste, gender and age.
TEOMOTO S.A., member of the Theocharakis Group of companies, has been the official distributor and representative of Peugeot Scooters in Greece for the last 25 years.