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Humanism to support refugees \\

ANNOUNCEMENTS \\  11/3/2016
As an honor and respect to its history and origins, AEK FC is taking initiatives to support refugees in the battle to survive under harsh conditions.
AEK FC was established in Athens in 1924 by Greek refugees from Constantinopole who decided to establish an association that would remind everybody about the lost homelands and the culture of thousands of years burnt to ashes. AEK FC feels obliged to reciprocate the respect and care in this historical crossing.

Our team will firstly visit the Refugees' hosting center at Palaio Faliro (Plateia Nerou) in order to deliver specific items that are in absolute need. Dusan Bajevic will lead the team of players, also players from AEK's academies and a group of veteran players.
  • The items that will be offered
  • Packaged food item
  • Pre cooked meal
  • Handicap trolleys (sponsored by MEDICIN)
  • Tents
  • Antiseptic liquids
  • Medicine item
  • Baby foods and vitamins (sponsored by BIONAT
  • Juices (sponsored by Loux)
  • Mineral water (sponsored by DIOS)
The initiatives to support the refugees that stay in our country will continue in the following weeks.
AEK will offer pre-cooked meals to refugees
  • This initiative will be funded by donating 5% of the revenue generated by the e-shop's sale of the official team's shirt and the official team's yearbook during the three play-offs OAKA games.
At the same time, AEK encourages all supporters to joint in this effort by participating in an sms campaign. The revenue from each sms will contribute to the funding of purchasing extra items as per refugees' needs. AEK will announce further details about this initiative next week.

AEK is already in contact with other sports associations in the country that have similar historical origins to join in this effort believing that all together feel the sensitivity, respect and willingness to contribute to this difficult situation of our times, which is really about the survival of humans, thousands of humans...



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